What To Expect

We get it. Visiting a new church can be intimidating! You have questions. So let us help. We want you to feel comfortable as you get to know us at Redeemer!

Below find some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or in the office.

Worship: When is it? Where is it held? What is it like?

Redeemer’s worship services are on Saturdays at 6:00PM and Sundays at 8:30AM and 11:00AM. All worship services are held in the sanctuary. Redeemer’s worship is traditional, liturgical, and dynamic! Ground in the ancient liturgy, permeated with God’s Word, themed with our Lutheran heritage, and enhanced with superb music and musical groups – what a great way to receive God’s gracious gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation in Jesus each week!

Attire: What should I wear?

Many prefer to put on their “Sunday best,” while others prefer a more dress-casual approach. Whatever your attire, we want you to feel comfortable worshiping with us! After all, we’re thrilled you’re joining us and want you to be more focused on the worship than what you’re wearing. So don’t worry, you’ll fit in no matter how you dress!

Directions: Where are you?

Click here to find us! Click here to contact us!

Our Campus: Two buildings, but one campus?

Exactly! The church is a stone structure located along 33rd Street. In it is the sanctuary, fellowship hall, kitchen, meeting rooms, music office, and music rehearsal space.

The brick building is called the Family Education Center or FEC for short! In it are the church offices, meeting rooms, preschool, a two story children’s chapel, youth rooms, and many Sunday school rooms.

Logistics: Is parking a challenge? Which door do I use?

Redeemer has a large parking lot. Pay attention to the directional lines as you enter the lot and be careful of any children running around! If you need overflow parking, across 33rd Street from the church is the Wood’s Park Pool and Tennis complex. It has plenty of additional space. Just be careful crossing 33rd Street!

Children: Where do my kids go?

Great question! During worship we like to have our kids with us! It’s how they learn how to worship – from mom and dad! There is a mother’s/father’s room available in the back of the main sanctuary if you feel you need somewhere more quiet to worship.

Special Worship Needs: Is there any special assistance for hearing or visual impairment?

Yes! For those who are hearing impaired, we have special hearing devices that you can wear that will allow you to control the volume. If you think this would be beneficial to you, let an usher know and they will give you a hearing device.

For the visually impaired, we offer large print bulletins for your ease of use. Again, just let one of the ushers know and they will be happy to assist you!

Sunday Education: What do you offer for Adult Bible Class & Sunday School?

Every Sunday at least two Adult Bible Classes are offered at Redeemer, one taught by each pastor. One Bible study is held in our Fellowship Hall, the other is located in the brick FEC building on the second floor through the church office suite. Confused, no problem, grab a Redeemer member and ask them to walk you to a class. They would be more than happy!

Sunday school is offered throughout the year! God doesn’t take the summer off, and neither do we! If you are bringing your child/children to Sunday school take them to the brick FEC building. They will be registered for Sunday school and taken to the appropriate grade. To learn more about Redeemer’s tremendous Sunday School program, check here.