3rd-5th Grade Youth Group

3rd-5th Grade Youth Group is where kids and parents first get their feet wet with youth group activities and fun. Throughout the year, several opportunities exist for kids from 3rd to 5th grade to engage in fun activities with their family and friends that always include time for devotions. These include swim parties, bowling, roller skating, fun nights, various mission or servant projects and more! This is a great way to begin to build relationships at church that are centered in Christ and will endure for years to come!

Again, it can’t be emphasized enough that the primary time Redeemer sets aside for youth to be in God’s Word is on Sunday mornings. We intentionally emphasize and encourage this time each week for families to cultivate a life-long habit of growing through God’s Word weekly. Though Redeemer is happy to offer many youth activities of fun and service (again, always with a devotion), Sunday mornings is our time together learning more about God and His gifts for us in Jesus Christ!