Blind Lincoln Outreach Center

About BLOC

The Blind Lincoln Outreach Center (BLOC) was started as a ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church in 2011. On the fourth Saturday of each month, people who are blind or visually impaired in the Lincoln community are transported via church vans to Redeemer for a luncheon. Devotion and prayer are a part of these meetings each month, as well as social activities, learning programs, or Bible studies.

Who We Serve

Did you know that 95% of people who are blind or visually impaired are unchurched? Moreover, 4% of any given community is blind or visually impaired. That’s a lot of people! We consider this to be an important part of the ministry of Redeemer as we “Proclaim the Gospel” to those who are very isolated and many times over looked in our community. Each month we are glad to host and serve 15-25+ people through this ministry.

Our Volunteers

BLOC has been blessed to have been staffed with 40-50 volunteers from Redeemer. We look forward to loving the people we welcome in our doors each month just as Jesus loved us. BLOC volunteers drive vans, guide our guests, and help with meal preparation each month. What a great way God can use us to reach out into our community!

Know Someone Who Might Want To Attend?

If you have any questions about this ministry of Redeemer, please contact the church office so you can be put in touch with BLOC’s Leadership Team.