Lincoln Parochial School Support

Redeemer Lutheran Church maintains its tradition of tremendous support and encouragement of Lutheran parochial education. Though Redeemer chose not to operate its own Lutheran school, in 1961, Redeemer and its then pastor, Rev. Melvin Tassler, were an integral force in establishing Lincoln Lutheran Junior High School as a way to extend the K-5 programs at what was then Trinity Lutheran School and Calvary Lutheran School. Today that institution has grown into Lincoln Lutheran Middle & High School.

Currently Redeemer Lutheran Church is pleased to offer generous financial assistance to its members who seek to provide their children with a Lutheran education. This assistance includes enrollment at the following Lutheran educational institutions in the Lincoln area (clickable by school):


Again, Redeemer is a proud association church of Lincoln Lutheran Middle and High School. Below find a video on Lincoln Lutheran Middle & High School. In fact, why not drive on over today to meet their staff and have a tour!