Redeemer's Worship

Redeemer’s worship is traditional, liturgical, and dynamic! Ground in the ancient liturgy, permeated with God’s Word, themed with our Lutheran heritage, and enhanced with superb music and musical groups – what a great way to receive God’s gracious gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation in Jesus each week!

The Divine Service: An Explanation

Our worship before God is based on what He has taught us through His Word, the Bible. Since it is God who graciously gives us life and salvation, we first gladly receive from Him and then respond in prayer and praise. This is called “Divine Service” because in it God serves us His Word and Sacraments. He serves us His gifts, and we thankfully receive. Our worship stems from our faith, and speaks the words of faith given us by God.

Liturgy describes the order and structure of a church service. Our Church follows the basic liturgical orders used by the church for the last 2000 years. It has roots in Old Testament worship practices and is based on the teaching and very Words of the Bible.

Learn More About Lutheran Liturgy

To learn more about our liturgy, please visit the Parts of the Liturgy page on the website of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.